The mission of Prescott Area Leadership is to develop and inspire individuals to contribute to the vitality and leadership of Central Yavapai County, Arizona.


Candidacy is open to all individuals regardless of gender, race, creed, or religion. Candidates must have lived in Central Yavapai County for at least one year and be over the age of 18.


The application is the first in a two-step selection process. Applications are due no later than May 1, 2020.  Following a review of the applications, candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview on May 12, 13 or 14, 2020.


The tuition for the Prescott Area Leadership program is a one-time fee of $600.00 for the one-year program. Financial payment arrangements and scholarships are available. The tuition is due upon selection, unless arrangements have been made. Tuition includes the cost of the retreat, course materials, Yavapai College course credit,  and commencement exercise.


  • One year of tuition
  • Retreat
  • Course materials
  • Commencement exercise


The time commitment involved with the Prescott Area Leadership program is considerable and invaluable. Participants work together over the course of the year acquiring leadership skills and exploring critical community issues.

The Welcome PAL Class BBQ held in July is hosted at the Thumb Butte Picnic Area.  The program then begins with a mandatory two-day retreat in August.  There are nine Leadership Education Days, held once a month, beginning in September and concluding in May. The Education Days are usually held on the third Friday of the month. Program hours for the Education Days are typically 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The mornings are designed to focus on leadership skills training and the afternoons to address community issues. Synthesis Day and Graduation are celebrated in June.

Each class member will participate in field trips, service opportunities, a shadowing exercise, mixers/events, and program support activities. Class members will be encouraged the following year to volunteer in the community, support PAL, and guide the members of the next class.


  • Graduation is achieved after completing the one-year program.

2020-21 PAL Program Schedule

Our final schedule will be published by mid-April. Check back later!

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PAL Leadership Program Application

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