PAL Program Summary

The PAL Leadership Education program is dedicated to developing and inspiring individuals to contribute to the vitality and leadership of central Yavapai County.  This is accomplished through a year long, interactive, training program focused on providing effective leadership skills and tools.


Program Components


Annual Membership BBQ – the annual membership BBQ is an optional event where incoming students

can meet each other, other PAL Alumni and the newly elected board of directors.  In additional to the meet and greet, there will be an introduction of the incoming class and class information.
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The PAL Program begins with a two-day, overnight, retreat.  During the retreat, students will be assessed

using the DISC assessment and will start their journey learning about what DISC encompasses and how it relates to effective leadership.  The class will engage in many team building activities to further strengthen the class as a team. A full layout of the upcoming year will also be provided.
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LED days

One day a month (typically the third friday of each month).  The days are split in two sections. The morning

section is devoted to leadership education and skills training organized by the PAL Board of Directors. The afternoon session, referred to as the Issue Presentation sessions, is planned, organized, and facilitated by class members.   During the Class retreat, the class will be split 8 teams. Each team will be assigned a broad local issue topic in which they will design and present the Issue to the class for their assigned LED. Issue presentations are geared to be challenging for individuals to provide a opportunity to grow while learning more about their community.  It should provided a comprehensive perspective of our communities from business and community leaders while participating in interactive discussions and exercises. Each presentation will be added to a master issues list which will be provided to local leaders for consideration in ongoing community planning and improvement.
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Shadowing is about learning different leadership styles and techniques from those in current leadership

positions. This is your opportunity to spend a day with community leaders whose leadership style would benefit you most.
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Field Trips

Enjoy learning first hand about our communities through field trips. You and

your class members decide where you would learn the most by visiting area businesses, museums, parks.
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Volunteering is the heart of servant leadership and is a integral part of the PAL

Program.  Students will need to participate in two service days during their term. Service days are intended to provide the student with an opportunity to serve their community in an area of their choice.  Examples of service days may be working at a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, boys and girls club, etc.
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Leadership Education Days

One day a month the class comes together for a morning devoted to leadership skills training. The afternoon is centered on some of our most important regional issues. Obtain a comprehensive perspective of our communities from business and community leaders while participating in interactive discussions and exercises.


  • DISC Assessment and Application
  • Public Communications
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Challenges in Leadership
  • Consensus Building


  • Economic Development/Regional Issues
  • Education & Training – Preparing our Students
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs & Housing for ALL
  • Business/Growth
  • Infrastructure
  • Community Safety
  • Government


Leadership & Motivation is taught in partnership with the Fast-Track Management Program at Yavapai College. PAL class members attending all three Leadership & Motivation sessions receive one credit toward the 3-credit Fast-Track Leadership certification.


Our final schedule still to be determined. Check back later!

PAL Year End Project

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