How is the PAL program funded?

The PAL program is a self-sustaining non-profit. Participants in the PAL Leadership Program pay tuition, which is far less than the cost of equivalent off-the shelf programs. Tuition includes the 2-day leadership intensive retreat, all course materials, Yavapai College course credit, and a celebratory graduation event. Payment schedules can be arranged and a limited number of scholarships are also made available each year. Fund-raising events may be held to supplement PAL financial resources.

Who teaches the leadership skill development sessions?

Leadership skill development sessions are led primarily by PAL alumni who are professionals in the field of study or who have particular expertise in the topic. Some sessions are taught by staff of Yavapai College.

What other programs does PAL support?

PAL helps ensure effective leadership of the Quad Cities into the future by supporting the programs listed below:

      • Annual Youth Leadership Academy
      • Annual Man, Woman and Youth Leader of the Year Awards
      • Hungry Kids Program

How do I apply to the PAL program?

Click on this link for instructions and electronic application.

What is the Man, Woman and Youth of the Year Award?

Click on this link for information about this annual award program sponsored by Prescott Area Leadership to recognize outstanding community leaders.